As both a hairstylist and makeup artist, Keka Heron has mastered the art of creating exquisite looks for clients in editorial, television, runway, advertising, bridal and salons. For more than15 years, Keka has spent time working to bringing the artistic visions of advertising agencies, directors and photographers to life. She has been noted for having an eye for detail and executing the most complicated look with precision and finesse.  Her keen sense of glam creative direction is a reflection of the time she spends studying the beauty industry to ensure that she is bringing the latest style and trends to her clients. Keka understands the balance between creativity and entrepreneurship and took a natural gift and turned it into a viable business launching KEKA HERON Hair & Makeup Artistry. From 2013 -2017 she relocated to New York and became Key Hair & Makeup at Revolt TV, while also providing freelance services for television, commercials, advertising, agencies, fashion brands. In 2017 she relocated back to Atlanta, Keka is making moves on the beauty scene in an extraordinary way.

She is a visionary with a destiny to create beauty one look at a time.




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